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Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Scoring Criteria

  • Work Experience: 27 points

List your most recent work experience first and include any jobs held during high school. Indicate the year in school during which you held a particular position. Indicate if your work experience was in the form of work-study, coop, or internship. Clearly identify the nature of the business of the listed employers; in particular, note consulting engineering or land surveying firms. Be complete and accurate. List additional experience on a separate sheet and attach if necessary. The more experience you list, the higher your potential score.

  • Essay: 25 points

Essays must be typed or neatly printed. Points may be lost for poor grammar, incorrect spelling, illegibility, or lack of neatness. Proofread carefully.

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average: 20 points
  • Recommendation: 15 points

A recommendation is needed from an engineering professor, a consulting engineer or a land surveyor. Use the enclosed form - a letter generally is not sufficient. Ask the individual completing the recommendation to respond to ALL of the categories – incomplete recommendations will lower your score. Greater weight will be given for a recommendation from a consulting engineer or land surveyor. The evaluator must send the recommendation directly to ACEC/MN.

  • College Activities: 13 points

Indicate all college activities including offices held in any organization. Be as complete as possible. If there are no activities, write “none.'' The more activities you list, the higher your potential score.


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