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Strategic Plan

Our Mission:
To be the ADVOCATE for consulting engineering companies.
Create EDUCATIONAL and business opportunities for our members.
ENCOURAGE individuals to pursue careers with consulting engineering companies.

Strategic Goal 1: Leadership

Establish ACEC/MN as a leader within the business community.

  • Advocate - increase clout with the legislature and governmental agencies
  • Influence - active engagement with the business community
  • Collaborate - work with professional and business groups

Strategic Goal 2: Value

Promote and demonstrate the value engineering brings to society.

  • Communicate - market the benefits of consulting engineering companies
  • Educate - inform clients and members on the true value of engineering
  • Demonstrate - elevate the ACEC/MN brand

Strategic Goal 3: Transformation

Embrace and grow workforce diversity and advancements in technology.

  • Advance - implement strategies to promote a diverse and capable workforce
  • Inspire - encourage growth in STEM through collaboration
  • Innovate - help members assess technological needs and trends

Download a copy of the 2018-21 Strategic Plan here.

ACEC MN 2018-21 Strategic Plan Graphic_FINAL_