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Membership in ACEC Minnesota

Firm Member Application - Click Here!

  • To be eligible for Firm Membership in ACEC Minnesota, your firm must:
    • Maintain an office in the state,
    • Have at least one principal licensed as a Professional Engineer by the State of Minnesota,
    • Practice under an organizational arrangement that does not involve a conflict of interest or that does not subordinate independent professional judgment to other considerations, and
    • Practice consulting engineering in accordance with Minnesota Administrative Rules, Chapter 1805, Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • ACEC Minnesota Membership Applications will be reviewed and approved by the ACEC/MN Board of Directors.
  • Please note ACEC/MN membership is on a firm-wide basis and if your firm is a member, you are a member.
  • If you are unsure if your firm is a member, or if you need to set up a individual membership account, please reach out to Kelly Smeltzer at

Affiliate Member Application - Click Here!

Minnesota Structural Engineers Association Member Application - Click Here!