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About MNSEA:

MNSEA is the Minnesota Structural Engineers Association, the leading business practice and educational resource for structural engineering firms throughout the state of Minnesota. MNSEA is a subcommittee of ACEC Minnesota (American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota), and is also a member organization of NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Association).

MNSEA represents structural engineering firms throughout the state of Minnesota and provides a forum for the engineers within the local structural engineering community to improve the quality and the level of practice of Structural Engineering in Minnesota through our active involvement with public safety issues, providing opportunities for continued education, civic involvement, collaboration with units of government and private industry clients, and providing an identifiable resource for local engineers to communicate with each other about the profession of Structural Engineering.

MNSEA's major accomplishments include developing the Guideline specifications for Special Structural Inspections and Testing and incorporation of the CASE /MN (former name for MNSEA) wind load amendments into state code by the Minnesota State Structural Advisory Committee, establishing a State Structural Engineering Emergency Response Committee (MNSEA SEER), and training MNSEA members to assist state authorities with structural evaluations in the event of a major disaster in Minnesota. The creation of the MNSEA Media Relations committee and Media Response Plan.

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Be sure to see the MNSEA Strategic Plan below, along with a highlight for the NCSEA We SEE Above & Beyond Structural Engineering Industry publicity campaign.

2023-24 Executive Committee:

MNSEA 2023-24 Exec Comm #3

Membership in MNSEA:

MNSEA Memberships are available at both the Firm and Associate levels:

  • Firm membership is priced at $250 annually and is available to firms that practice Structural Engineering in the State of Minnesota and have a practice either completely devoted to the practice of structural engineering or have a department or individuals who are engaged to be practicing structural engineering as a Professional Engineer, registered in the State of Minnesota. The membership term runs from July 1 through June 30 and is renewable annually. Each member firm is allowed to have two voting members, who may be called upon throughout the year to vote on various items such as new officers, by-law changes and new policies. Please include the names of 2 voting members when submitting firm membership application.
  • Associate membership is priced at $120 annually and is open to individual structural engineers employed by organizations that are not eligible for firm membership. With the exception of serving as an officer of the coalition, associate members may participate on committees, attend meetings and participate in all other MNSEA activities.

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Please note: All MNSEA members are strongly encouraged to join ACEC Minnesota and all member firms of ACEC/MN providing structural engineering services are welcome to join MNSEA. 

MNSEA Strategic Plan:

MNSEA Strategic Plan

Celebrating the Structural Engineering Profession.
We’re excited to share the “We SEE Above and Beyond” campaign which celebrates the vital and valuable contribution Structural Engineers make to society. The campaign explores the ways that Structural Engineers support the vision and construction of the varied and many places where we all live, work, and play. Click here for the "We SEE Above and Beyond" website to learn more about the campaign and the story of how we SEE - Structural Engineering Excellence - and what it means to us every day, everywhere.