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History of ACEC/MN

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota (ACEC/MN) is the leading business practice and policy advocate for consulting engineering firms in Minnesota.

Formed in 1949, ACEC/MN represents the interests of its member firms by providing information to the public and acting as a conduit to provide excellent consultation services in the field of engineering to potential clients. Its 150 member firms, representing over 7,500 employees, provide services to all segments of society, including federal, state and local governments, private industry, and the general public. You can learn more about the consulting engineering profession by going to #Engineering.GoFigure, which promotes the achievements of engineers both today and historically, locally and nationally.

ACEC/MN is a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the largest national organization of engineers engaged in the practice of consulting engineering located in Washington, DC. ACEC is a federation of 52 state and regional councils representing more than 600,000 engineers, architects, land surveyors and other specialists who are responsible for more than $100 billion of private and public works annually.

ACEC/MN’s Past Presidents

1950-51 Carl E. Gausman*
1951-52 V.C. Lundquist*
1952-53 T.E. Roche*
1953-54 Walter H. Wheeler*
1954-55 Homer M. Bird*
1955-56 A.L. Sanford*
1956 Borge Nielsen*
1956-57 William Schoell*
1957-58 Scott Whitnah*
1958-59 Robert J. Ellison*
1959-60 Wallace C. Bruch*
1960-61 Willis A. Jacus*
1961-62 Robert L. Michaud*
1962-63 J. Henry Schipke*
1963-64 Gordon B. Moore*
1964-65 Donald Chapman*
1965-66 Ben Mayeron*
1966-67 Earl L. Youngren*

1967-68 Milford G. Bird*
1968-69 J.S. Braun*
1969-70 Robert W. Rosene*
1970-71 David R. Conkey*
1971-72 Leif W. Ericksen*
1972-73 Douglas G. Wolfangle*
1973-74 Glenn F. Gausman*
1974-75 Maxwell L. Oftedal*
1975-76 William H. McCombs*
1976-77 Robert R. Ryder*
1977-78 Norman F. Podas, Jr.*
1978-79 Jack D. Nagel*
1979-80 James C. Tillitt*
1980-81 Robert J. McFarlin*
1981-82 Thomas G. Johnson*
1982-83 Charles S. Barger*
1983-84 Thomas J. Schoenecker
1984-85 James R. Orr

1985-86 Robert E. Pendergast
1986-87 Bradford A. Lemberg*
1987-88 Duane T. Prew
1988-89 Cameron G. Kruse*
1989-90 Charles L. Ballou
1990-91 Harvey H. Harvala
1991-92 James A. Keller
1992-93 Don K. Stormoe*
1993-94 Kenneth E. Adolf
1994-95 William H. Sayre
1995-96 D. Lane Hersey
1996-97 Thomas J. Downs
1997-98 Wallace M. Ouse
1998-99 Ronald A. Shaffer*
1999-00 Shirley M. Walker*
2000-01 John G. Smith
2001-02 Joseph W. Hallberg
2002-03 Glenn R. Cook

2003-04 Douglas G. Tholo
2004-05 Charles N. Gonderinger
2005-06 Scott V. Samuelson
2006-07 Dave T. Blume
2007-08 William D. Bennett
2008-09 George D. Kluempke
2009-10 Bret M. Farmer
2010-11 Glenn G. Schreiner
2011-12 Robert J. Struve
2012-13 Gene M. Sieve
2013-14 Avo Toghramadjian
2014-15 John W. Dillingham
2015-16 Pat M. McGraw
2016-17 Dan E. Murphy
2017-18 Tim Korby
2018-19 Dan Larson
2019-20 Sirish Samba

* deceased