What Has ACEC/MN Done for Me?

ACEC/MN’s Membership and Public Relations Committees created an infographics document for its members again this year. This document contains statistics and graphic images that highlight committee and board activities in the 2017-18 fiscal year that directly correlate to ACEC/MN’s strategic plan and the association’s initiatives.

For example, ACEC/MN increased its student outreach. Staff and members connected with over 800 students from the metro area during its annual Engineering Explorer Post Program and through presentations during Engineer’s Week, the Explorer Post program, and STEMLink. These efforts are made to encourage students to consider engineering as a career.

A copy of the document was distributed to attendees at the May 18 Annual Meeting and included in this year's annual dues mailing. Download the infographics document here.

ACEC Infographic_v4_white