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37th Annual ACEC/MN Scholarship Softball Tournament in Memorial of DuWayne "Dewey" Kasma Results

The 37th Annual ACEC/MN Scholarship DuWayne "Dewey" Kasma Memorial Softball Tournament held Saturday, August 5, was a beautiful and fun day of ball. Twenty-one teams, over 200 people, participated in the tournament. Over $3,700 was raised at the event to support engineering students. Thank you to the Kasma family for their continued support of this tournament!

The 2017 tournament results are:
Division A: 1st Place: Barr Engineering Co.; Runner-Up: KLJ; Consolation: Dunham
Division B: 1st Place: Braun Intertec (Green); Runner-Up: SRF Consulting Group; Consolation: Stantec
Division C: 1st Place: BKBM; Runner-Up: Stonebrooke Engineering

Congratulations to all winning teams!


Division A Champions: Barr Engineering Co.


Division A Runners-Up: KLJ


Division B Champions: Braun Intertec (Green)


Division B Runners-Up: SRF Consulting Group


Division C Champions: BKBM


Division C Runners-Up: Stonebrooke Engineering