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Position Papers

About ACEC/MN Legislative Advocacy

ACEC/MN promotes the business interests of the engineering industry to the Minnesota Legislature, Congress and state and federal agencies. The Committee seeks passage of legislation and policies that create a favorable business climate in which the engineering industry can help Minnesota grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens. ACEC/MN Legislative advocacy is focused on four principal public policy objectives: enhanced infrastructure funding to keep pace with Minnesota's growth and aspirations; outsourcing of engineering services to harness private sector innovation, expertise, and cost-effectiveness; procurement reform to make sure that engineering services are procured on the basis of quality and value; and elimination of regulatory and tax barriers to the business of engineering.

Engineering firms are significant assets to Minnesota's economy and quality of life.

ACEC/MN member firms generate over $350 million in yearly fees. Our members provide employment to over 7500 highly skilled professionals, which generate significant tax revenues to the state. In addition to local work, these firms provide services nationally and internationally, bringing significant income into the state. The value of the services our members provide is reflected in our quality of life by the roads we drive on, the water we drink and the buildings we work and live in.