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What is a Consulting Engineer?

Consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science, and areas related to government, industries, developers, and construction. Consulting engineering firms are responsible for designing and building infrastructure which is vital to our social, economic, and environmental quality of life.

Consulting engineers serve both private and public clients in ways ranging from consultations to complete project design and coordination. The consulting engineer’s specialty ranges widely, including technology, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, water resources/wastewater, geotechnical, transportation, Chemical, industrial, etc. Projects that consulting engineers work on consist of designing roadways,  bridges, wastewater treatment plants, parks, dams, campuses, airports, energy facilities, stadiums, schools, regional trails, and many more.

Engineers in consulting engineering companies come from nearly every discipline and specialty and are often referred to as consulting engineers. They participate in project teams to help consulting engineering firms deliver services to their clients.