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Best Value

Best Value Selection for Mn/DOT Design/Build Projects


The best value selection method for design/build projects utilizes a combination of qualifications and price to determine the best firm for a project. The selection is made by a group of individuals representing Mn/DOT and a contractor. They take into consideration a variety of variables that are unique to each project. The process has been used successfully several times on Mn/DOT projects throughout the state.

Best value allows the owner to avoid having to take the lowest bid, which quite often does not represent the owner’s best interests. For example, if the lowest bidder has a history of project cost overruns, or a lack of experience in the type of project that is being proposed, those issues can be considered in the selection criteria and the firm would likely not be selected. In a low bid process, the owner would be forced to select the firm’s bid as long as it was the lowest.

ACEC/MN Position
ACEC/MN strongly supports the best value selection process for design/build projects. The use of qualifications in the selection process is an important factor in the selection of teams. It gives the owner the flexibility needed to be able to select firms that will provide not only the best design, but also the best value for the owner in the long run. Any changes to the law should be in the in refining the selection process. If additional checks and balances are needed, they should be addressed and added to the law